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Why The Faded Belle?

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Dreams begin as little sparks - an idea that wiggles its way into your mind as you go about the mundane. Sometimes it's abstract, but you can see it's flashes of color as it bounces around from synapse to synapse in your brain trying to turn it's spark into a flame. Once that spark creates a flame, it can start a slow burn in your mind that can last for years. Coals burning deep and red hot that get stronger as you feed it a little bit of material from time to time. These are the dreams that will be something special. When you're finally ready to unleash these flames on the world, you make the dream come true.

The Faded Belle is one of those kind of dreams and it's time to finally share the dream with least part of it. Launching the The Faded Belle brand for you is the first step in a journey. An adventure. I invite you to join me and to be a part of the magic as it takes shape.

My name is Michelle and though I currently live in the mid-west, I'm originally from a small town in the South. A "Southern Belle" is an antiquated term (which is probably why I love it!), but it means a girl in the south that's expected to grow up to be a proper lady. She should be dignified, graceful, kind, and hospitable - always making people feel comfortable no matter their social class or circumstance. Often portrayed as vapid or fragile with the softest of exteriors, true Southern Belles are made of pure steel on the inside. It's that backbone that enables them to endure the most difficult of circumstances. It's something my aunt called "moxie". In my mind, no matter where they're from or where they are now, being a true "Southern Belle" is about the best thing a girl can aspire to be.

While I concede that the past holds great hardship and heartache for many, I believe that the past also holds great beauty. Enduring beauty that is now just a bit faded.

So together with my daughter, Madison, and my sister-in-love, Brittany, we proudly bring to you The Faded Belle brand. A lifestyle brand that features the very best of the past beautifully blended with the very best of today. We promise to serve you with kindness, integrity, grace, and warm hospitality...all the markers of true Southern Belles.



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