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The BEE-ginning of Something Beautiful

Before his death when I was very young, my PaPaw kept honey bees as a hobby. Apparently this meant that I was used to light-colored, pure, raw honey. One of my Daddy's favorite stories to tell about me happened when I was about two years old. We were at a fancy-smancy restaurant and when the waiter brought out a dark-colored honey to accompany the bread, I looked up and informed him (most indignantly) that that was "NOT Arkansas honey." His reply was that of any well-mannered service industry member, "Oh, I'm so sorry Miss, I'll take it away immediately!". My Daddy would get so tickled every time he told that story!

I've always said I had a #blackthumb (in full disclosure I once killed an aloe vera plant!), but last year (thanks to my sweet friend Joyel!), I took a real interest in alllllll the plant things. It didn't take me long to decide that I wanted honey bees to go along with my other gardening successes (don't get me wrong, there were plenty of failures, too!). My family wasn't impressed with the idea at first, but I finally won over at least their cooperation. (You should probably know that I'm a bit like having a pet raccoon around...I'm kind of cute, but usually end up getting myself into some kind of shenanigan.)

So, this week we attended our first #beekeeper class! We'll be getting our hive in the spring and we can't wait to share our adventure (and our bounty!) with you. We're working with a local Lawrence, KS, small business with a great story - Anthony's Beehive. You can still support Anthony without being local - they ship from their little store!

And they have a ton of fun products from lip balm to lotion, honey butter to honey sticks - be sure to check out all their fun goodies!

And, of course, if you’re local to Lawrence and want to take up #beekeeping, they’re still taking reservations for spring hives!

Stay tuned because our countdown to spring has begun! Subscribe below to have updates delivered to your inbox. If you're a new visitor, we'd love to have you follow us on facebook and/or Instagram at The Faded Belle!



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