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Artist Spotlight: Chinthika Brandstetter

The Faded Belle has met so many wonderful friends, artists, and craftsman as a courtesy of Facebook Marketplace (fbmp). In our rapidly evolving digital world, we are able to connect with others in ways never before possible - it's an exciting time we live in! This week's #artistspotlight is a sweet friend I 'met' last year when I fell in love with a beautiful hot pink rose painting that I found on fbmp (the painting promptly found a new home on the #gallerywall in my study!).

Chin in her studio.

I have a 'thing' for roses - though considered common, they are one of my most favorite flowers. Rarely does Mr. Faded Belle come home from the store without a fresh bouquet for me (#spoiled).

The vivid colors and obvious texture in Chin's work immediately caught my attention - it was such a unique style. After chatting a bit with Chinthika, it didn't take me long to fall in love with both her and her work! A native of Sri Lanka, Chinthika immigrated to the U.S. five years ago as a proud military wife and she and her family currently reside in the Columbus, GA area. (Don't worry - she ships globally!)

Chinthika's work features a style called acrylic impasto. To create this gorgeous heavy texture, she applies thick layers of paint to the canvas that allows her brush and knife strokes to become dominant in the painting. Inspired by nature (check out our blog post to see why nature speaks to our souls in décor!), her work features florals, trees, and landscapes, but her talent knows no bounds! She is fabulous to work with for any custom piece you might envision (including pet portraits!). Her latest work is perfect for #grandmillenial décor as it features fantastic florals in #chinoiserie (sounds like shin-wah-za-ree) vases. Chinoiserie is French for "Chinese like" and it can be anything with Asian flair, but the blue and white ceramics are definitely a favorite of the style.

Though she is now a fine arts student at Georgia Military College, Chinthika is a self-taught painter who began using art as a form of therapy. In preparation for moving to the U.S. to be reunited with her husband, Chinthika left her day job. Delay after delay kept her in place and she struggled with feeling like her entire world on been put on hold. Trying to cope, she painted every day for more than a year until she was able to move forward with her new life in America.

"Art is a form of self-fulfillment for me. It is an addiction, it is therapy when I need it, it is happiness, hope, and many things more." - Chin Brandstetter

Chinthika realized how happy and content painting made her, so she continued to paint without looking back. Her style is considered to be #impressionist or #semiabstract and is the perfect colorful addition to any décor style. She loves applying the vibrant, happy colors that make her work so bold and so unique.

Chin believes there are no rules or boundaries to art and her love for experimentation allows for her very unique work to bring her a sense of fulfillment. The differing colors, shades, and textures speak to her as she transforms what she sees into wonderful works of #ArtByChinthika.

Her work is featured in homes around the world and you can check out her full available collection on her Etsy store. (Be sure and "Favorite" her shop so you can stay up on her newest releases!) Her wide range of pricing is excellent for original paintings and her listings even include free shipping within the U.S.! Many of the paintings have already been framed for you and her customer service can't be beat! You can follow her on Facebook at Chin Brandstetter to see her work hot off the easel and you can always reach out to her for a custom size or subject.

With spring on its way, there is no better time to shop for a bright, bold new floral (or two!) to add to your collection and you better hurry if you're going to beat me to those orange tulips! As Chin's gift to you, you can shop her Etsy Shop, Art by Chinthika, with an exclusive discount - use the code "SPRING10OFF" at checkout for a 10% savings on any painting over $30. We'd love to hear about your favorites from Chin's collection - share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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