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Very Vintage Louis Vuitton (c. 70s)

Very Vintage Louis Vuitton (c. 70s)

This bag has given me angst since I sourced it because I’ve been trying to properly identify it. The internet has been of no help and I ran down every potential name that popped up. Based on the stamping, hardware, and style, it’s likely from the 70s and possibly dates even earlier (which pre-dates the use of factory and date codes). It’s not a Danube because the strap doesn’t connect on the sides, it uses treated leather, and there’s no external slip pocket. It’s not an Amazon because it lacks the front compartment. I can tell you that it is authentic and it is rare. The strap is a little short for a crossbody carry, but it can be easily swapped out if you prefer. It’s in good overall vintage condition. Interior is all soft leather, so no pocket issues. Zipper is in excellent condition. Piping and strap attachment is treated leather, so there’s no vachetta (untreated leather) to protect.

Width (inch) : 5.90 inch(approx)

Width (cm) : 15 cm(approx)

Height (inch) : 8.26 inch(approx)

Height (cm) : 21 cm(approx)

Depth (inch) : 3.93 inch(approx)

Depth (cm) : 10 cm(approx)

Shoulder/Handle (inch) : 35 inch (approx)

Shoulder/Handle (cm) : 90 cm (approx)

Color : Brown

Material :Monogram

Country of Manufacture : France

Code, Number etc. : No Date Code

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