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Hermes Scarf ‘Napoleon’ by Philippe Ledoux c. 1963

Hermes Scarf ‘Napoleon’ by Philippe Ledoux c. 1963

This is one of my fave Hermes patterns and I have it in two colorways in my personal collection! 🤫

Intact tag tells me this one is the 1985 re-issue of the original 1963 design by Philippe Ledoux. Excellent condition. 90cm/35” square. Includes complimentary insured shipping!

I couldn’t possibly describe it better than

“The Napoleon scarf, the first edition of which appeared in 1963, was designed by Philippe Ledoux, and is an intriguing combination of imperial symbolism and Napoleonic legend. Mounted on a background of golden bees, the design brings together all of the typical elements: two French flags and their imperial eagles, besides which hang the First Consul dresscoat (left) and Napoleon’s chasseur à cheval uniform (right). Further down the design, the First Consul and Coronation swords can be seen, as well as the Grand Collier of the Légion d’Honneur, two sabres from the Egyptian campaign and, most importantly, the mythical bicorne hat. Five lockets, inspired by some of the most famous paintings depicting the period, evoke the great moments of the Emperor’s life: top-left, the Crossing of the St Bernard Pass (by Jacques-Louis David); top-right, the presentation of honorary sabres at Marengo (by Antoine Gros); bottom-left, Napoleon injured at Ratisbon (by Pierre-Claude Gautherot); bottom-right, the Battle of Wagram (by Horace Vernet). At the centre is a depiction of the arrival at the coronation ceremony at Notre-Dame Cathedral on 2 December 1804 (taken from an engraving in the Livre du Sacre). Plotting a course halfway between glorification and legend, the Napoleon scarf is the perfect embodiment of Hermès’s exploration and exploitation of the imperial iconographic canon.”

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